Selerix News & Blog Exclusive Interview With Lyle Griffin, President, Selerix

Originally featured in In an exclusive interview with HR.Com, Lyle shares key insights and tips on keeping remote teams together, proactive wellness initiatives and campaigns to ensure employee wellness and health, … Read more »

5 Ways to Modernize Benefits Communication for the Next Normal

Originally featured in HRTech Cube Steve Olivas, Vice President of Marketing at Selerix talks about the significance of employee benefits administration and communication in 2021… Read more »

Selerix & Co-Founder Lyle Griffin Featured in Aflac's 2020 Business Sustainability Report

Originally featured in the full AFLAC Business & Sustainability Report Originally featured in the full AFLAC Business & Sustainability Report… Read more »

A New Day is Dawning for Employee Benefits: Are Brokers Prepared?

Article originally appeared in BenefitsPro If you’re a broker in the fiercely competitive world of employee benefits today who wants to keep your current business, expand wallet share, and gain new clients, you need to take … Read more »

Q&A with Selerix AVP of Infrastructure Services: Dwayne Masters

This week, we decided to sit down and discuss cyber-security with Selerix A.V.P. of Infrastructure Services, Dwayne Masters. In the interview, Dwayne shares his insights on data security and how Selerix continues to evolve … Read more »

Selerix Systems Announces API Integration With Paycor

MCKINNEY, Texas, Oct. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Selerix Systems, a leading provider of cloud-based employee benefits and engagement software, today announced the availability of real-time API integration with HCM solutions … Read more »

Q&A with Selerix President Lyle Griffin: COVID’s Impact on Selerix and Our Industry

This week, we decided to sit down with Selerix co-founder and President, Lyle Griffin, to discuss how Selerix’s workforce has adapted during the COVID pandemic. In the interview, Lyle also shares his predictions for the … Read more »

The Cost of Poor Workforce Communication

The potent combination of a world-wide pandemic and the loss of a traditional workplace setting has understandably left employees feeling isolated, exacerbating the existing disconnect between employees and employers. … Read more »

4 Ways to Adapt Your Benefits Communication Strategy in the COVID Era

The loss of face-to-face interaction and group benefit meetings can understandably leave employees feeling lost and questioning their benefit decisions this enrollment season. If organizations fail to offer viable … Read more »

The Shift to Virtual Enrollment Assistance: Advising in a Contactless Environment

The upcoming enrollment season is unlike anything our industry has experienced before. The immediate shift to a remote workforce has left companies scrambling to re-evaluate best practices and completely move workplace … Read more »

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