Evaluating Your Communications Strategy During COVID

For almost two months now your workforce has been working from home, without face-to-face interaction. Your teams probably have daily communication capabilities in place with their managers, but how does your company communicate as a whole?

During times of uncertainty, your employees turn to you for guidance and support. Your goal as an employer is to reassure your employees of their value and keep up workplace motivation. You want what is best for your employees and show how much you value them, especially during a time of isolation and uncertainty.

Now is the time to keep communication open with your entire workforce. You can still improve your company culture while your employees are working from home. Selerix Engage can easily support your company communication strategy and bring your workforce together with encouragement and unity. You can directly connect with the people who mean the most to your company, even though you can’t see them in person every day. 


Start by Evaluating Your Current Communication Strategy

How are you getting information across to your employees? Are you sending one-off company-wide emails, hoping your employees are receiving the information – or are you juggling multiple 3rd party platforms to send information through text messages?

Ask yourself:

  • Do you have communication channels available to use other than email? Are you able to automate campaigns, emails, and surveys?
  • Are you able to compile employee feedback, suggestions, and utilize them to improve your employee satisfaction and company culture?
  • Do you have a way to track the results of your employee’s engagement? Do you have a way to set goals and analyze your progress?
  • How do you plan to promote employee wellness, community, and culture among your remote workforce? (1)

Your communication efforts should move beyond benefit enrollment. You should send out year-round communications, especially during this time of uncertainty. You can easily keep a happy and healthy work environment and stay connected with your workforce; you just need the right tools.   


Start Sending Targeted Communication Messages

How are you determining who receives certain types of messages? Are you sending emails to your entire group of employees at once; or are you targeting specific employee groups?

The correct answer: you should be targeting your employees based on different stages in their life. Every employee’s life is different; so why would your messages be the same?

Selerix Engage allows you to send relevant messages to employees based on their demographics, life events, job type, benefit offerings, and so much more. For example, you can create a segmented campaign and schedule automated emails to send employees their local COVID testing centers based on their different locations.

You can send different COVID campaigns like:

  1. Email telehealth options to help your employee’s mental health
  2. Send text messages with tips for working remotely
  3. Send out a survey asking employee’s how they’re doing
  4. Highlight health benefits for specific benefit elections different employees have made

The possibilities are endless; but your communication strategy needs to be a two-way channel, especially during a time of work from home and isolation.


Receiving Employee Feedback & Improving Satisfaction During COVID

You can send out workforce communication messages all you want, but how do you know if your employees are even opening your emails? You don’t need to press send and hope your employees are opening your important email – with Engage, you can monitor open and click rates to see the percentage of employees who are actually engaged.

From here, you’ll be able to evaluate the types of messages your employees are most interested in and adjust the messages with lower engagement rates. Over time, you’ll learn the words to use to effectively communication with your employees and discover what they really care about.

Just remember, gathering employee opinion is only half the battle. As an employer, it’s important to actually act on the feedback they provide – this will help with employee satisfaction and will make them feel valued. Your employees are only as comfortable and outspoken as you allow them to be; if you show them you care how they feel, then they’re more likely to stick around in times of uncertainty.

Work from home doesn’t have to be isolating and unproductive. Selerix Engage provides effective tools to connect your workforce and improve employee engagement, even when you can’t connect face-to-face.


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